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Lauri Kubuitsile

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

What to Write on my Books LIVE blog or Why Facebook is Not Always a Waste of Time

So I have this new blog at Books LIVE and I thought to myself, what should I write for my first post? Many writers in South Africa don’t know me, so maybe I should introduce myself, I thought. But then I thought, some of the writers in South Africa actually DO know me and are pretty tired of hearing about me, so introducing myself would just put them off and I’m only just starting this blog so I don’t want to put readers off just yet.

Then I thought and thought, and then I thought- Hey, there are a lot of people on Facebook who have blogs on Books LIVE so maybe I should ask them what’s gwaning, so I did. Many people like to peg Facebook as a big time waster, but, as you’ll soon discover, it can also be quite helpful.

So then a famous South African writer, who I really shouldn’t mention her name because surely if you know I’m FB friends with her you will think better of me for the mere fact that I am FB friends with her, and I don’t want to think less of you because of that mis-step on your part because we really do all make mistakes. (Her name is Helen Moffett, if you must know.)

Anyway, the famous writer told me to just write about anything, like I could write about what my “writer day” consisted of. So I thought about that and thought I didn’t think my “writer day” was very writerly, between playing on Facebook and watching my fish, so I really didn’t want to write about that. I’d be revealing all sorts of things I shouldn’t reveal, like seeing the hands running Ernie and Bert on Takalani Sesame. It can traumatise you. For life. I would never want to do that to someone, though apparently those Muppet folks don’t share my point of view.

But then another FB friend, who I will not mention because I don’t think it will get me enough political mileage to justify revealing her name (not to malign her, but just saying) said why not write about apes.

Then I thought I would write about apes but, frankly, I don’t know much about apes. I do know a lot about monkeys, though, as I told my unidentified FB friend. But I can’t write about that because it would upset the famous unidentified (okay, identified) writer FB friend because my monkey knowledge came to me in a way that might be described in some circles as animal abuse. But like I said on FB, they got their own back, many times over. Monkeys are pretty mean, let me tell you. And they have an international network ( I suppose something like Facebook but not with computers) where they get the word out. I’ve had “events” with Zambian monkeys and Zimbabwean monkeys and yet my initial contact, that I’m sure has led to the entire monkey mix-up, happened with American monkeys! Imagine! There are so many things we just do not understand.

So anyway, I’m not going to write about monkeys. It would be too traumatic for certain people I don’t want to mention and besides the monkeys may be listening. No need to further cloud the murky waters, I have an upcoming trip to Zimbabwe.

So I’m still sort of thinking about what I’m going to write on here. But somehow I feel better sorting out a few of the things I won’t be writing about. I really must thank Facebook for that. Sorting things always makes you feel better, doesn’t it?

Anyway, have a nice day.


Recent comments:

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    August 24th, 2012 @19:12 #

    Oh Lauri, you made me laugh and laugh. Thank you for not writing about the monkeys, and WELCOME! So good to have you in this space at last. Have a ball!

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">tiah</a>
    August 27th, 2012 @13:12 #

    Well done!

    I am firmly in the 'FB is not a waste a time,' camp. It is how I've found all but one of my editors and where to submit the majority of my work. Oh, and it helped me make writer friends. (As does Books Live, of course. Just feel a wee bit more exposed here.)


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